Full Automatic Carpet Washing Machines

Why Misyon Machine for the Carpet Washing Machines?

Misyon Machine as our group company, continues to production with 5 axis  equipments such as  CNC lathe, CNC milling machine, CNC sliding head automats, CNC polygon, grinding.Our most important principle is the production of  the long- lasting machines .Our machines are the most preferred in the market owing to user friendly,functional, long-lasting machines. Our machines are produced to
fulfill carpet washing sector’s requirements and they are optimized according to machine user’s need. Working with 5 S management system,Misyon Machine has ISO 9001-2008 quality certificate.
In our company; we support qualified employee background by giving professional competence training  and also our human resources policy adopts to please people. Our company produce machines  and filling machines  for different sectors apart from carpet washing machines. From design to production every stage  is performed  with sensibility and all projects are achieved by making no concessions to quality managements principles. Please; do not hesitate to contact Misyon Machine in the time of need of carpet washing machine.



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